6 years later

Most designers will tell you the upkeep of their portfolio site is an impossible task. The last time I looked at mine was the best part of 6 years ago with a few failed attempts here and there. So last year, I set myself a challenge. 

On Black Friday, I picked up the Ghost of Tsushima game and promised I’d only play it once my new website was back up. The aim was to chip away at it on evenings and weekends and spend that funny week between Christmas and New Year to complete it. Of course, that didn’t happen. Long story short, 9 months later than planned, we’re here. It’s not ‘done’, but it never will be, as it’s constantly going to need updating anyway, I’m thinking why not just get it live. 

I did stick to my word and GoT did stay in it’s box. So as I finally get to play Samurai this weekend, I’ve set myself another challenge to make sure there are more case studies, more work from the archive and more ramblings to come, and not let another 6 years go by before looking at my website again.